Business English

Build bridges with English

For working people

Business English courses are specially designed for working people and attach great importance to the practical needs of everyday work.


Typical situations of everyday office life such as meetings, presentations, telephone calls, small talk, negotiations, writing reports, business correspondence, etc. are dealt with.


For companies

For companies, employees' excellent knowledge of foreign languages ​​is a prerequisite for lasting success.


Team English offers you concepts tailored to your company, with which we convey the industry-specific vocabulary and the rules of your partners' everyday business that differ from the respective experience.


Your employees will be able to make phone calls safely and competently, represent the company and be able to conduct business conversations. Existing language skills are expanded and deepened in a subject-specific manner.



The University of Cambridge in England issues globally recognized Business English Certificates (BEC), which certify knowledge of English for the profession - from level B1. You can take the relevant certificate exams at the British Council .


To accomplish a level, about 80 - 180 lessons are necessary, depending on the level.


Lesson = 45 Minutes

All prices incl. taxes.


One-to-One 10

Business English

10 lessons


Individual curriculum


One-to-One 20

Business English

20 lessons


Individual curriculum


One-to-One 30

Business English

30 lessons


Individual curriculum

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