Vacation fun

Team English offers day camps in its own institute as well as overnight camps (camps with overnight stays).


At Team English we organize English-language camps for three different groups:


  • Elementary school

  • Middle school

  • High school


Each group has its own program. In this way we are able to meet the needs of each group in the best possible way, while older and younger children can visit the same camp together.


We offer the opportunity to develop linguistically and personally and to enjoy adventurous activities.


We combine English with various activities such as excursions, sports and fun games. Our students can enjoy the summer to improve their English while developing personally and socially.


Day camp

Start: 9:00

End: 4:00 p.m.

Includes snacks, drinks, lunch, working materials.


During the summer holidays, you can register your child for 1, 2 or 3 weeks.

Our general terms and conditions apply.

Elementary school camp

The goal of this course is to create a warm, fully supervised environment in which young children can feel safe and enjoy a happy, healthy vacation while learning English.


Experienced elementary school teachers offer English classes through arts, crafts, songs, games, stories and role-playing games, combining language learning with general education.


Sports, social activities and excursions are arranged appropriately for the age group. Our camp offers the children enough space and scope.

Middle school camp

Classes include interdisciplinary science, geography and history, as well as environmental projects that help students learn English in a natural way.


The cooperative project work helps build interpersonal skills and enables students to try out the language in a playful way.

High school camp

The teaching program for this age group includes educational workshops that motivate young people by teaching real-life skills.

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